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Test system

Personality tests online is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself!

  • Personality test

    Personality test

    This is a personality questionnaire which content is a system of statements about personality, its way of being and habits. Personality questionnaire investigates extroversion and introversion, adaptation level to the environment, degree of self-realization and 20 most expressed personal features, such as dominance, socialization, autonomy, self-control, flexibility, ability to obtain status, etc. The test shows personality profile with the most expressive personal features. Many professions and activities require a certain combination of employee’s characteristics. This test gives an opportunity to measure it.

    From 1 to 2 hours 35 Eur
  • Progressive matrix test

    Progressive matrix test

    With this test we can assess intellectual capacity. Three primary psychological processes are involved in the task: attention, perception and thinking. The test consists of non-verbal tasks, therefore, the results are less impacted by the knowledge that are gained through education and life experience. The test helps to assess person’s logical thinking, ability to systematize information, learn by analogy and not to make the same mistakes, apply acquired knowledge in specific situations, observe regularities and make a decision based on them.

    30 minutes 10 Eur
  • Map of interests

    Map of interests

    This is the most comprehensive questionnaire of interests in Lithuania. All questions are grouped into 44 scales, reflecting various fields of human activity, according to the Lithuanian approved classification of education areas, directions and branches.
    How can a map of interests help you in choosing your career path? Interests have a key role in choosing personal career path or changing professional field – so it is important to recognize and assess them. The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify professional tendencies and interests in various fields of activity. To show the most expressed interests and the least interesting areas.

    35 minutes 20 Eur
  • 15 Eur