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Search and selection of personnel

Why choose style and principles of “Atranka360”?

Employee search
Selection and assessment

Employee search

  • We attract 4 to 9 times more candidates than those companies who look for employees independently;
  • We have an active database of candidates;
  • We use more than 6 web portals, 4 of them are the leaders of the market;
  • Unlike other companies, in order to attract the most suitable candidates for your proposed job position, we include the principle of headhunt in 60% of the selections;
  • We also provide fast selection service. “We extinguish the fire of need for an employee”.

Selection and assessment

  • Each personnel selection expert, prior to her career in the company, gained exceptional experience in the positions of personnel specialists, managers and business owners;
  • We work with professional online tests and world renowned competence assessment systems.




Reliable solutions for those looking for an employee

  • Do you want detailed information on the situation in labour market?
    • We provide individual counselling about what is happening in labour market;
    • We conduct research, read presentations at conferences and share experiences in seminars and articles.
  • You think you need a new employee? But you have doubts?

    We provide individual counseling, helping our managers to better understand:

    • Relevance of the need to find an employee;
    • Profile of the position and the potential employee;
    • Relevance of the position and remuneration in labour market.
  • Do you want to form a list of potential candidates who want to work in the company of your type and culture?
    • For our loyal customers, we offer professional and potential employees who are interested in joining your team. This is how you create your CV data bank. 
  • You have some of your own candidates, but you do not know which one to choose?
    • If you select several employees, we can help you to make an impartial decision about the suitability of your candidates and employees for the job position. Assess your candidates using an impartial opinion. 
  • Are you planning to say goodbye to your employee or employees?
    • We offer professional and methodologically based counselling package for your employees to help them stay attractive on labour market.
  • You want to find the most suitable employee within the company?
    • We can help you find the most suitable employee within the company, using the unique methodology of “Atranka360”.
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